Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pewsey and the Wx winter begins at SB

Going to be a quick blog today as you know the form anyhow.  All the normal stuff, We meet, we go to the pub, Chris is late, and he arrives completely unorganised and with not enough funds. Sutton Benger is the venue North of Lyneham for me so a long day.  It shouldn't be a long day but it always seems that way long and drawn out.

Leo pays our team funds and we wait to see what he draws us. I end up down stream some way from the weir in E section but my peg looks good.
It looks glorious but is devoid of fish. its 7 feet deep and crystal clear . I can see every stone on the bottom even watch my bait trip through the swim as clear as day.  In fact the only fish is the obligatory double figure pike ramming my keep net.  Must be the doziest Pike in the world as there's bugger all in the net.

The gold patch of gravel betraying no other life.  An hour has past and I am bite less, my only entertainment seeing if I could judge throwing maggots and settling them between the static pike who is still ramming the net.

1 hr passes without even a bite
2 hrs bite less
3 hrs bite less and start ringing around to see who is hammering me.  Its seems that every one is, bloke up stream has thrown back two roach and gone home as has the guy on peg 1 fed up of minnows. Minnows, he should be so lucky cant even get even get them!!!

The Pike has moved for now and the bait I was lobbing at him has attracted a shoal of minnows.  A quick change to 2 elastic and a squat rig and I catch my first one, with one hour to go

Its now a race to see how many minnows I can get in an hour.  Not going catch Tony Leech on 2 and Chris Bowen  has caught a 14 oz Perch. So it between me and Eamon Byrne  from ISIS A 2 pegs below me.  We all  get to the end of the match  and every one is saying the best we can do is fill the place in with concrete its fished awful.

I wish the minnows had arrived earlier, or a ting Perch or gudgeon, something with  a bit of weight to it. the best I could muster was a 2 oz chublet which looked huge against my tiny minnows.

 What a crap day I haven't caught so many minnows since I was about ten years old!!!

So to the scores and Pete was taking so long to cross reference his figures I was losing the will to live, so haven't got all of them.  

But as you will see when sections are being won with 4.5 ounces, so you can tell how it fished.  Mark Russ wins A section for Pewsey Blue sorry not got score but think it was 1 lb 13 oz.

Ian wins D by  double default with Rodney taking it in the weir swim

Managed to pip Eamon Byrne who had the same minnows as me , my little chublett doing the biz. 

With 1 hour to go nothing then scraped third (not bad) by the end, Chris Bowen added 1 x 1 oz fish to his PERCH  to take second.  With Tony fishing the lily pad of the Beach winning our section and the match with 2 lb 9.

Brian and Nics section next Brian in the foreground and Nic downstream.  Pete Gilbert won this section with three Chubb for his weight of 2 lb 5 oz 8 drams. Lee pollard second with 10 oz of little roach and Bri Shutler third with 8 oz of minnows.

So to the pub for the results and after what seems like an age Pete Gilbert is finally happy.

Sorry didn't get full sheet in but the crux of it is that Pewsey Blue had won the day beating Swindon on their water.

Pewsey take a 4 point lead into next round.With Lechlade Dreamboys and Swindon tied on second. Mark Russ picks up his section  winnings

A huge well done to Rodney for his third place unlucky  Pete Gilbert pipping him by 8 drams.

Don't think his brother Bob was that pleased.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Pewsey Milk House and Simon Marches on

First may I thank all for the messages of support and I have decided with that volume of feeling I will continue with the blog at least for the time being.

What a funny old day, Autumn is rushing in and I have seen all types of weather whilst I have been on leave.  Mostly good but some horrendous days as my last blog will be testament.

 So to this morning and it was an autumn Barn Owl that tried to twit tawoo a dawn audio guidance for me as I walked the dogs in a real pea souper.

I decided to leave early partly because of the fog but also to be sure of good parking at Milky.

Talking of Milky , god it was thick.  Probably 25 yards at best.  Barely got above 35 mph as I crawled across the Salisbury plain to the venue. Weirdly I thought I saw a sign to say road closed in Pewsey, so a little panic thinking diversion would make me miss the draw.  Luckily it referred to last night and the Pewsey Carnival. Messy buggers in Pewsey as the streets were covered in litter.  However the volunteers were out in force 7.30 and they were out litter picking and cleaning up.

Safety was a little out of the window on the Burbage road; as thick fog visibility down to 20 yards, some of the guys and girls were in black clothing - stupid on a narrow road with no pathways.  Even at a crawling 15 mph I came up on one lass very quickly - squeaky bum moment for both of us.

So the draw and is was good to so many at a club match again.  I drew 5 and initially I was disappointed thinking it was permanent pegging.  However with a few boats Leo and shifted us all along and I had perm peg 11 and was well pleased.

A peg I am beginning to get to know, and a chance of bigger fish.  So I was up.

Then I was down as movement on the far bank in and around a coot nest.  Chas was ready and was stood with me as we witnessed, hopping away from the nest with his prize a big fat black slick mink!!
Bugger could do with out a mink swimming around in my swim.

The match started and I ignored the cold night before and went for it like it was a summers day.

Schoolboy error the chance of bigger fish early on got the better of me.  No bites on the bread after 20  minutes so went over the choppy line and bang a little Perch around 3 oz straight away then two roach then nothing.  The float dipped I lifted and the elastic stretched out. Yes it was a branch!!

The boat moored immediate to my right came to life and it was with amazement that I saw one of the occupants chuck bait and swing a float into the canal.  What you doing.  Fishing mate was the reply.  Sorry says I but you cant fish from a boat.  So he stopped.

So had my bites several boats had been through and we were all suffering the effects as the match became a grind. Mark Russ seemed to be catching well on 12 next to me as he plundered the bush opposite.  Both of us lost big Bream within 5 minutes of each other , which I think we knew was going to be are only chance today.

With no bites I started to lose concentration a little and I was falling between 2 stools.  Did I do a Mark and bash away at the small stuff, or fish the track knowing there were hybrids in this swim. Looking right I was aghast to see the boaters fishing again!!

So I leapt of my box - yes me moving quickly wonders will never cease.

Sure enough trying to stay out of my view sat fishing.

Right says I, I have asked you nicely now I am telling you.  Stop fishing.  This water is Pewsey club water.  You are welcome to get of the boat go down the bank toward the bridge and fish, but I want £5 of you , oh and can I see you rod licence.  They declined the offer not having a rod licence or a fiver... They did intimate there were two of them, and I said "together you still wouldn't make my shadow and I have 20 mates fishing on the bank, your choice".

After I agreed to calling the authorities , they put their rod away and apologized and said they wouldn't do it again.  I reminded them I had their boat details and number and informed them I would be passing on to the canal trust and the EA.

Back to my own fishing and still the bites wouldn't come down the track. So it was across and try and catch up with Mark on the small stuff.  A running battle with a Pike meant Gary 0 pike 4 destroyed rigs and much jollity for Mark next door. Delighted as I had drawn the Pike from his swim.

The end of the match rushed toward me and I was desperate. I went for it with the ground bait and was immediatly rewarded with a 6 ounce Perch and a 8 ounce hybrid.  At last the fish had arrived , oh no two more boats and the fish were gone. Up, down, Up , down this was driving me mad. One more 4 ounce roach and Leo shouted the all out.

Bugger it was all too late, Mark had done me I was sure. The net looked dismal as I pulled it out, so I was down..

Packed up slowly and Chas came along to say that was grind, and with Marks net not looking as good as I thought I didn't feel too bad again.  Bugger this just relax and enjoy what will be will be. Its just fishing.

I decided to photo Marks net but his wife got in frame first.  Lovely lady Marks wife comes to the end of every match and helps him pack away.

Did get a photo of the handsome fella though, will he smile when he sees my net I wonder.

The weighing team were making their way along and it was clear those who had bonus fish were in prime position.  

Now I could go on about its won and lost in the draw bag but you have to acknowledge the skill of those that draw well and make the most of it.  Simon Burden, Brian Shutler and Nic Worters are having a purple patch this year, and to be honest unless I get a win under my belt soon they will stretch away.  

Simon in particular is having a storming run and yest again today despite not many fish he had a lump of a Tench, Nic too had a big Hybrid and lost a Tench as the Pegs in the 20's produced the bigger fish.

Brian may not have been in top three but again he got section by default.  Its no use bitching I have to try harder and get better. 

Well done to Leo, pipping Brian of next peg it forces a change to the winning Line up photo as he takes 3rd behind Simon Tench Burden and Nic Hybrid Worters.  Also a well done to Martin Aris grinding away and picking up points each week.

As a footnote my boater pals came along and apologised again, but asked for proof of the rules.  I gave them a copy of the following which Pewsey members will now be carrying in their box.  If you are a canal angler I urge you to cut and paste and print off.  You may need it one day its a direct lift from the EA and Canal River trust rules.

FROM Canal Trust website…..Fishing from boats:
I have a Canal & River Trust boat licence, does that give me permission to fish?
No, a boat licence only gives consent to navigate and not to fish, in the same way that an angling licence gives the holder no rights of navigation.

Is it OK for me to fish off the back of my boat if it’s moored on the towing path side?
Yes, dependent on local rules (in the case of PDAA , no to fishing of boat but yes from tow path). 
hence, you must agree to purchase either a day or season membership of the controlling angling club and adhere to the club rules at all times or, if there is no club controlling the fishing rights, a Waterway Wanderers’ permit. 

(In addition to club fees or day ticket cost - You still require a EA rod Licence) 

Please note however some clubs’ public liability insurances only covers fishing from the bank and may be invalid if an accident were to happen.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Big Dog Silvers Invitational..........Fishing with and against the legends

Writing a blog is a double edged sword.What started as a electronic diary has developed somewhat over the last three and half years and 45 thousand views of what I saw as uninteresting drivvle.

 However, whilst it has appeared to provide pleasurable reading for lots of people and I am still constantly amazed and gratified and the huge volumes of comments; and face to face meetings with complete strangers who walk up to me and say "keep the blog going Gaz , I look forward to it every week" it has its negatives too.

The blog of course has leaned toward the the banter and away from the technical.  The banter and humour of anglers is second to none.  Many of the guys I have met are far funnier than professional paid comedians; and sometimes I would like to pass comment when they compliment my writing efforts, by saying its your humour not mine that makes it.

An odd side effect I never envisaged ( too naive I suppose) is that some people show their views in a negative way, assume they actually know you, and assume its quite ok to be less than friendly.

Whilst I must say the positives far out weigh the negative it is aggravating that others may suffer as a result of my scribblings.  An example of this is whilst I portray myself as the "unluckiest angler" in the world, the knock on effect at times is that those around me may also become accused of being mediocre.

To that end I am considering bringing to an end this literary odyssey.  The last thing I wanted was for others to be affected and personally for me to be seen as a well meaning joke.


Fishing with friends and Legends

A few months ago I decided to take two weeks leave and during that time would arrange a friendly knock up match.  As always, the normal things have to be answered , where , when and who to invite without upsetting anyone.  Where well I plumped for Witherington Farm for its on site tackle shop , cafe and parking.  Lets do it mid week and on Barnmoor.  The day itself yesterday.

Who to invite. Well in my mind I wanted to invite friends and in particular people who I admire.  I admire these Gentlemen for their skill, their honesty /integrity there friendly manner and the fact that over time their guidance and advice (sometimes hard to take)  has added to my own skill and help me improve.  

Most of all these guys are thinkers, not sheep, they think about what they are doing and constantly work at improving their own game, that's why they have been tops for so long.

Originally I had 11 + me but work and other commitments meant we reduced to ten.  There are of course many others that have touched my angling life, but the bank can only hold the weight of so many.  So to the match and below are the names and the pictures of surely a "Dream Team".

One of the nicest men is the quietly spoken Brian Shutler, but he is camera shy.  Thing is Bri, we can see your famous beanie hat next to me.  

The bright sky behind the best of the weather on this truly awful day.  Every one was keen to get underway and set up in the dry.  Before I go on; what a team of 6 you could get from these guys. 

Remember its an opinion thats all, but assuming its a canal match.  I will take the Dick Clegg role as Manager and say team is. My mentor John Dewberry, Dave Moody even at his age, Georger of course, James Carty, Ian Spanners Spanswick and without doubt the "Fish" Gary Etheridge. Bri Shutler as reserve.

The thing I have noticed about anglers its not the appearance; and although I once did say about Gary E his peg resembles a car boot sale, others have said oh no Gaz your to kind its more like Scrapheap Challenge.  Fact is Gary E  is an angling genius.

The draw gets underway and my ball bag of ping pong balls is converted into permanent pegs and we set up quickly.  Trapped between Bri and the legend I didn't hold out much hope.

My plan having practiced last week was to have two lines. Primary line on the pole with Scopex laced 4 mill expander over sonubaits micro pellet feed.  Back up Maggot line on waggler.  As with all things conditions dictate and its the abilities of those around me that see that and change to fit.

It was quickly apparent to me that the horrendous driving rain and wind would make it uncomfortable to fish the pole.  In addition the normal instant response to pellet was missing.  Quick dabble on the wag brought a small skimmer. The a run of frustrating sail away bites that seemed impossible to hit.

Tinkering with the shotting pattern and fishing 6 inches over depth meant some deep hooked fish and too much work for the disgorger, but at least the float was stable and the bites when they came were much easier to hit.  The fish were all over my ground baited area, and although the cold , wet and windy conditions were not conducive to accurate loose feeding  - it did appear they were loving it the more the merrier.

To be precise the ground bait was one third Etang, one third Sensas Magic, and one third Gros Gardons, laced with caster.  Pinging bronze maggot over the top the fish came regularly, well at least compared with my com-padres around me.  The Rain was relentless at times obliterating the sight of my dotted down wag.  Its funny though when the bites are coming the rain doesn't seem as bad. But it truly was and was beginning to put a hell of a dampener on the day for me and I am sure the others.

With an hour and half to go I had a run of reasonable (the Normark Microlite handling the bigger fish magnificently) fish that seemed to suggest I might be up for winning this, but I couldn't be sure.  I just kept thinking the others will see what I am doing, emulate it and then pass me. 

The weather just would not relent and I was losing the fish slowly unable to hold them in my swim.  The main problem was trying to keep everything dry (bait wise) especially the GB.  In the end I was cupping in sloppy soup of GB, and you can image try to ship out in very wet slippery and windy conditions it must have looked amateurish.

I called the all out to the collective relief of those who longed for a hot bath, hot food and a shot of their favourite tipple.  I became Brian's brolly bitch as we trudged around the lake with Ian weighing in.

Whilst some may think I was lucky , they are wrong I worked at it and every fish was justified, even I can win against the best.  I had done well today.

Winning though that accolade went to the formidable Dave George and well done to him.  Unlucky to Mr Moody losing to big Carp, and nice one Frank for catching an eel.  A well deserved third for JC who must have been frozen wearing shorts under his bib and brace.  In fact well done to all the Pewsey reps, Barnmoor is no canal that's for sure.

The mystery weight next.  My wife had asked what the winning weight would be and I had said 30 lb, so she wrote 9 lb and sealed the envelope, in the hope that the wealth would be shared.

Leo took it as the closest and also took the "merry go round pound" coin from Spanners who took it from after he took it from after I took it from Chris Rushton and well......... you get the picture.

All in all a reasonable day despite the weather, and I think the others enjoyed doing something different in silver fish only instead of a Carp race. For me an honour to fish with friends first  foremost and top anglers second. 

Especially well done the Victor (left) in photo.

The only irritant.................  I certainly will not print a received disingenuous comment and I certainly hope it was said in jest.  I will leave it to your imagination and just show the pic below.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pewsey Lake and its De' Ja Vu

All went well this morning up on time and on my way at the hoped for departure time.  Couple of Sunday drivers slowed things up a little , why oh why do some drivers do 30 in a 50 zone???

Turned right at Everleigh and headed across chalk escarpment ridge towards the Pewsey Vale.  Wildlife was in abundance this morning from a Red Kite through Bran Owls, Roe Deer and many many Stouts and field mice trying to find cover at the edge of the road as harvested fields were now barren of summer crops.

The most surprising sight was Reynard himself the Red fox .  I spooked him somewhat and he took flight with his breakfast firmly clamped in his jaw.

I parked up and went and sat with the lads whilst we waited for the match organiser.  Mark Russ arrived with a bang literally as his tyre punctured on his barrow .  Luckily I carry a spare wheel for just such a situation and I lent it to Mark.  This made me a little late in drawing my peg but surely I would draw a peg at the Carpy end.  Its been over 16 months since I have drawn past peg 10.

Not to be though peg 7, same old , same old.  Chris also drew the same peg as last time but at least this time with a full house he wasn't the end peg having a new guy on peg 2 to his left .  Full house today.

The match began and it quickly became clear that even the small fish line on top 6 was slow and the fish were more smaller than the norm and that's saying something.  Nobody much was catching and with the top three from the last match drawing virtually the same pegs in the same Carpy section I didn't hold out much hope.

So why not experiment?  Could always come back to the pole line.  I set up a Drennan Ultralite match pro and a Diawa light Theory reel loaded with 3 pound line and a size 18 hook.  I started pinging caster to the far bank. I was just starting to doubt the wisdom, half a pint of caster over 30 minutes and no bite.  When the float slid away and a small carp around 4 oz came to hand.  Followed by another pasty size 6 ouncer.  This was more like it.

Then the action slowed as the bites became around every 5 minutes but at least the roach were 3 oz instead of 1 oz like on the pole line.  And so it was till around 1 pm when the float dipped I struck and it went solid.  Initially I though bugger I have snagged but suddenly the water exploded and the Carp was away.  Yes you read it correctly a proper Carp.  After a 5 minute battle in which I had no control the carp wedged itself in a snag in the swim next door and I had to pull for a break.

That's the trade of, you can beef up the gear and not get a bite or you can, like me, risk it.  The Dennan Ultralite is a brilliant rod but its designed for Dace on the river or Roach and skimmers on the canal up to around 2 to 3 pound.  I could sit it out for the big stuff, but its not my style I need to be busy and keeping fish of any size going in the keep net.

Not to worry , tied on a bigger hook a 16 double bronze maggot tipped with a pinkie and dropped it in the zone. It cocked slid away and again solid, this time I was on it and pulled hard left away from the snags.  Luckily the fish saw my side of the argument and swam into open water.  I pushed the rod tip into the water and tightened the clutch on the reel as much as dare. and after a few minutes a lovely 3 pound Chubb had the net slid under it.

Despite the constant feeding the fish were not having it , so I came in on the pole line with a worm.  For the second day running Peter "Cray" fish came to hand.  Hard as I tried the fish were so small and I couldn't be sure if I was in for top section points.  Chris had been steadily catching and I couldn't see the others.

The all out was called and I new it was tight.  Spanners came along enquiring what I had.  He clearly had more than me from what he was saying so the "merry go round" pound coin made the return journey to his pocket.  Of course he insisted the moment was captured for posterity.

The weigh was surprisingly quick or am I getting slower in packing up?  It did seem to take a while to pack away today and all the while the Chubb was trying to leap out of the keep net.  Lesson learnt from my previous lost Carp earlier in the year .  I know don't have the keep nets so low to the water and I cover the entry / exit point with my landing net. So no joy Mr Chubb.

I took a quick pic and then weighed in

Everyone else weighed in whilst I finished packing.  Chris had just pipped me to win our section. His Chubb being half a pound heavier.  Spanners took the silvers by 8 ounces over Chris; and what has been the case all season Brian and Simon continue to draw really well and make the most of it.  With Nic also drawing a flier again there was no chance of Money.

A special well done to a new member Dan Hudd respectable weight from peg 2 on his first match.

As for me a mid week match to come then back on the Cut for club championship match next Sunday.  I think some may have thought I was grumpy getting away quickly; but truth was it was dark over Wills mothers as heavy rain threatened, and I wanted to get home in the dry.

So its as I say Deja Vu  (August Match repeated). No time for a photo I'll use an old one after all same old same old. Same blokes same pegs same result.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Open Pewsey - Korma or Karma

Well I suppose the white lies caught up with me today.  Fibbing to the wife and too much Indian food yesterday were bound to catch up with me.  So it was too long on the loo (needed to be Korma free) this morning meant I was almost last to the match.  Paid my dues and wanted peg 10 or 12.  Steve Dean took 10. Laving two in the bag.  Kev and I had fished on Wednesday Kev on 10 me on 11 so we knew the fish were there.

Having peed in the bushes and witnessed a Hawk Moth chrysalis I had wished for good luck.  So when Kev said 12 and 8 and we both want 12, I dipped in and obliged him with peg 8.  His broad smile said it all as I trudged and he danced up the tow path.

8 is not a poor peg and is capable of 3 pound and certainly capable of hundreds of "squat" fish across.  Today though gut feeling was it was going to be slow.  Boat moored left and brambles across, I did a bread swim on the whip , two track rigs one for pinkie one for big baits; and the obligatory swim across for squat.

All in at 10 am and the rig followed the choppy and ground bait down the track.  Having lost bigger fish mid week I had stepped up line strength , elastic, and hook size, but after bumping two straight away I scaled down to take my chances.

That said it was the kiss of death as I had no more bites between 5 past 10 and quarter to eleven. Then the float bobbed a little but wouldn't pull under.  Impatience got the better of me and I lifted. and was surprised to see the elastic tug away.  Resulting in a pound hybrid.  Followed quickly by a 6 ounce skimmer several Perch another smaller hybrid around 10 ounces and a Ruff in a frantic 10 minutes.  

This softened the news along the bank that Kev had had 3 hybrids in the first 10 minutes for over 4 pound!!!!

Still if I could keep this up it wouldn't take long to catch him.  11 o'clock chimed on my phone and I was about to re-bait when i noted right , boat coming. So hold off a minute.  Dropped the rig in a sneaked out two tiny quick gudgeon.

The boat from the right was up[on me and I noted he was towing another.  The moored boat too my left looked as if it was moving and I realised that the was a boat from the left as well.  Oh charming.
So the towing convoy went down the middle, the one from the left was scraping the across channel and pulling out the far side vegetation.  The towed boat was getting unwieldy and was whacking and scratching along the moored boat to my left as everything became very tight.

So triple boated the swim looked like a war zone and the fish had gone.  The drizzle turned to rain and I felt the hand of Karma starting its pay back on my shoulder.  I had to change my baited area and start a new as the mayhem had deposited snaggy branches in my original area.  So looked right and started again.

After the 11 o'clock rush hour it was 40 minutes before the float bobbed and my mate Peter Cray came to the net.

I dropped it and then inexplicably accidentally stood on the unlucky fella.  Which ultimately doubled my bad dose of Karma. As no more bites till midday when a lonely perch came to hand.  Finally my new swim was going to produce................mid day still time although I am sure I was falling behind.  I estimated I had 2 pound but would need 8 + to frame.  

Cue the next double boating and two other single boats ploughing through my swim, the double boat right over my newly baited area.

The rain stopped by 1 pm and I had not had another bite since the tiny Perch before 12 noon. So as the rain had stopped I decided enough was enough, why sit there and weigh in a paltry 2 pound.  It was going to get me top three, and whilst there were 2 hours to go; the bites just weren't coming.  I decided for the first time in ages to pack up and go home.

I have no idea what the results were but would imagine Kev would frame after having over 4 pound in the first ten minutes, but my net was about 2 pound and I tipped it back.

On the Lake tomorrow I wonder if Karma will relent and I get a peg at the Carpy end of the lake.

Fat chance.  Home for some cold Nan bread me thinks.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Couple of Cheeky sessions, gotta do it.....

As I am on leave and the sun continues to shine , I have been fitting in the sessions around the demands of D I Y and those of the wife.  So its been a couple of cheeky little sessions. First yesterday, no camera and all the paraphernalia, just a waggler rod - Normark Microlite landing net pint of maggot  bag of ground bait something to sit on and a catapult.

Mix up ground bait and ball in and the clock starts ticking on the three hour session.  Wife in town  and expecting punctual collection, so it was great pleasure after three Rudd the first of the slabs is given up by Barnmoor.  A steady pinging of a few maggots every cast sees the rhythm pick up and its skimmer, skimmer, rudd , roach and Bream.

The hands on my watch move with incredible speed and my meagre bait allocation is wearing thin.  The old Microlite and the Diawa Theory reel are working in perfect symmetry and seem made for the task.

The waggler lands like a butterfly with sore feet settles and slides away and the rod hoops over.. and the hook bites into yet another slab.  Some of them come in, in the traditional wet paper bag style, others dare to pull back or even get air-borne.

A bleep or two from the phone. Signals the end of this almost Zen like meditation session. As I am informed her ladyship is ready for collection. As I load the flyer to head off on chauffeur duty, the phone bleeps again. This time its Kev the Bread.................................................

Session 2

..........................The second bleep was most fruitful as Kev the Bread was up for a session at Milk house.  Told the wife a white lie and explained I was sure I had told her the session had been long planned and I couldn't let a mate down having given my word (Pinocchio nose getting longer).  So 9 am saw Kev and I on milk house, him with his Bread and Squat and me with big baits only , worm and Maggot.

A walk up the stretch and we settled on a couple of pegs and started about setting up.  Before long we were in and both catching. Almost immediately the Pike were there sending the roach skyward.  Kev was into a Hybrid quickly as was I .  He landed it I didn't. We were both in again straight away, with me landing and him losing it; and so the day went a most pleasant session. Punctuated with lovely fish.  A run of Perch topped of by this fighting Warrior.

Up and down it took me before angrily coming to the net.  The boats were coming now and one particular Pikey was annoyingly fast causing huge bow waves which smashed into the bank side eroding them far quicker than they should.  You can imagine the look I got when I asked him to slow down. - imagine you sniff a foul smell and look at your shoe to find you have stood in dog shit.  Now imagine the look on your face. That's how he looked.  He also looked like that when he came back the other way 20 minutes later going even faster brainless twat.

As I lowered the rig into the Tsunami that followed him, it slid away and a lovely pound roach was soon shining up from the net.

One boat too many was enough for both Kev and I and we packed up having both had a successful day. Both of us had had 4 hybrids as well as a stack of small fish. I have been trying to think of a collective term for Perch, so it was probably my "swagger" of Perch that gave me the edge over Kev, not that it was competition (Pinocchio nose now has a Bird perched on it)

We packed away then walked the canal to clear the swims for Saturdays open.  That done we drove home happy. As I crested the Pewsey Vale, three Muntjac Deer crossed in front of me.  The skulked head low like the family pet dog which has been chastised for the pile on the kitchen floor.  Delicately they leaped into the field on the left not realising that too would soon provide no cover as the combine would soon cross the road and remove the cover of wheat they now slid into.

Roll on the weekend, Canal Saturday and Lake Sunday................ its all been planned for ages wife honest..

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A River runs through it

Nothing to do today but go fishing in the sun.  With no team in for the Turner 400 a few decided to go for end of summer carp.  Of more interest to me was not fishing the lakes but fish watching at Witherington Farm and the River that runs through it.

Last years floods had seen dozens of fish washed out of the lake and into the river. At one point the shoal was in the hundreds.  Indeed there was a huge shoal of Skimmers up to 1.5 lb Perch to 12 oz, Chubb to 1.5 lb and Roach to 1.5 lb as well has hundreds of Dace Gudgeon and a few Pike too.  As I say it was fascinating watching there reactions to different baits offered free.  I was amazed to see the Perch literally hoovering up caster as opposed to maggot.  Roach and skimmers preferring a bed of micro pellet as opposed to ground bait.  The Chubb smashing the worm offerings and even more so ..... watching the 4 or 5 Pike working like a pack  circling closer and closer as they manoeuvred the small fish and Dace into a bait ball similar to those seen herded by Whales and Dolphins or Tuna.  I could almost taste the fear of the tiny fish as they nervously squeezed closer and closer together before the Pike rushed in.

But the lads had other things on their mind and an impromptu match began at the cost of a quid each.  Fishing long I was getting bit out as I had no hard pellet and only small expanded with me.  The corn was ignored so it was back to my track swim and bashing the Roach and skimmers. It was slow going for us, Brian picked himself the bridge swim in the low 40 s, a flier and was catching regularly.  I decided to get a few action shots with the Camera as we all enjoyed a hot sunny day a rarity this summer.

Brian left the catching and gave Martin some tackle tips which he quickly employed to hook int a double figure Carp only to lose it after one final desperate surge.

More fishing and more skimmers and Roach, Leo was into a Carp and before long it was Leo 2 Carp 4 before a beautiful Gold fish came to the net.  He to was fed up of the small fish and adopted Brians approach of banded 6 mil hard pellet and feeding 8 mil.  I went down the edge on chop worm and Caster and it was still skimmers but much bigger ones.

Leo did seem to be enjoying the day but getting frustrated at the lack of bigger Carp
 Bur perseverance paid of after losing a few he started to connect, let the elastic do the work and get the fish into the landing net.  The banded pellet doing the biz.

  But as I continued to back skimmers and some really fat quality Roach I lost the will a little the Carp were sunning themselves on the surface but seemed not interested in my expander pellet.  Brian had upped the feed rate down by the bridge and was one after another.

For the last time I cam into my edge swim and finally the Carp had muscled out the big skimmers and the fist of the Carp a , a nice one too was stretching the hollo 13 elastic across the lake.  Leo took turn with the camera and it was nice to get the fish in the net.. Big spawn like belly on it , surely not spawn this late hope the fish is alright and not injured in some way.  But a real pot belly on it.  Two more Carp and two lost Carp meant along with 10 lb of silvers meant I had around 24 lb as we finished.

As Leo called this very relaxing and sun filled day to a close the winner was from the flier and as always Brian took the pound coins with a bag full of Carp and a fair few skimmers as well.  Might have beat him last week but couldn't keep a good angler down

Have a few days off , so I am sure there will be more blogs to come. See you soon